Trianel Wind Farm Borkum II is the second expansion stage of the municipal offshore wind farm in the North Sea. In summer 2020, the 32 wind turbines with a total capacity of around 200 MW were put into operation and have been generating around 800 GWh per year since then.

Trianel Wind Farm Borkum II


An Optimised Infrastructure Concept

Key prerequisites were laid with the first expansion phase of the Trianel Wind Farm Borkum, as the substation and grid connection had already been built. The optimised infrastructure concept provides for joint use of the farm’s internal substation. It was only necessary to lay another export cable to the DolWin alpha converter station.

The 32 wind turbines of turbine manufacturer Senvion have an output of around 6.3 MW each and are mounted on monopiles that are firmly anchored in the seabed at a water depth of 27–33 m.

Going Further Together

EWE AG, ewz Offshore Borkum GmbH – a joint venture of Elektrizitätswerk der Stadt Zürich and Swiss Life Asset Management AG (formerly Fontavis AG) – and the municipal utility cooperation Trianel together with 17 municipal utilities from Germany are involved in the wind farm.

In October 2015, Trianel founded the joint venture Trianel Wind Farm Borkum II together with EWE to advance the development of the offshore wind farm. The construction decision for the project was made in spring 2017, and construction began in mid-2018 with the setting of the first monopile.

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