January 2008

The project “Offshore Wind Farm Borkum West” is well received by Trianel’s shareholders, and a project company is founded.

September 2009

A preliminary contract for the delivery and construction of 40 “Multibrid M 5000” wind turbines is concluded with Multibrid GmbH (later Areva Wind GmbH).

December 2009

The project receives EU funding of 40 million euros.

April 28, 2010

The final turbine supply contract is signed with Areva Wind GmbH.

May 2010

Trianel Wind Farm Borkum applies to the transmission system operator for grid connection.

December 2010

The Trianel Borkum West II shareholders’ meeting unanimously passes the construction decision and the project financing agreements are signed.

Spring 2011

The start of construction in August 2011 is being prepared and planned.

June 2011

With the “Great Bubble Curtain”, preparations are being made to protect marine mammals during the construction phase. Together with Hydrotechnik Lübeck GmbH, BioConsult GmbH & Co. KG in Husum and ITAB GmbH in Oldenburg, this noise protection technology is now being tried and tested on a large scale during the construction of the Trianel Wind Farm.

September 2011

Start of construction work. First pile driving at sea.

March 2012

Areva hands over the first 20 of 40 wind turbines to Trianel. Six months after the start of construction, the jack-up barge “Goliath” has finished driving all of the total of 120 piles into the seabed to secure the tripods.

September 2012

In Bremerhaven, removal of the 40 wind turbines for the Trianel Wind Farm Borkum has begun. The nacelles, rotor hubs and tower segments are transported by sea to Eemshaven in the Netherlands, the base port for the erection of the turbines on the open sea.

October 2012

Half of the total 40 tripods are anchored to the seabed. Due to grid connection delays, the erection campaign of the turbines is postponed.

February 2013

The substructure for the transformer platform (jacket) is brought to the construction site and erected.

April 2013

The park’s internal transformer platform is installed at around 20 m above sea level. The foundation for the wind farm has been completed. All 40 tripods have been erected.

July 2013

The erector ship “MPI Adventure” starts erecting the 40 wind turbines. On July 27, 2013, the first turbine is installed in the wind farm.

February 2015

After a delay of more than two years, the first plants are connected to the grid and put into operation.

July 2015

All 40 systems are connected and the official regular operation starts.

März 2012

Areva übergibt die ersten 20 von 40 Windkraftanlagen an Trianel. Ein halbes Jahr nach Baustart hat die Jack-Up-Barge „Goliath“ alle der insgesamt 120 Pfähle zur Befestigung der Tripods in den Meeresboden gerammt.

September 2012

In Bremerhaven hat der Abtransport der 40 Windkraftanlagen für den Trianel Windpark Borkum begonnen. Die Gondeln, die Rotornaben sowie die Turmsegmente werden auf dem Seeweg ins niederländische Eemshaven transportiert, den Basishafen für die Errichtung der Anlagen auf offener See.

Oktober 2012

Die Hälfte der insgesamt 40 Tripods ist auf dem Meeresboden verankert. Aufgrund von Netzanschlussverzögerungen wird die Errichtungskampagne der Anlagen verschoben.

Februar 2013

Die Unterkonstruktion für die Umspannplattform (Jacket) wird ins Baufeld gebracht und aufgestellt.

April 2013

Die parkinterne Umspannplattform wird in rund 20 m Höhe über dem Meeresspiegel installiert. Das Fundament für den Windpark ist fertig gestellt. Alle 40 Tripods sind aufgestellt.

Juli 2013

Das Errichterschiff MPI Adventure beginnt mit der Errichtung der 40 Windkraftanlagen. Am 27. Juli 2013 steht die erste Anlage im Windpark.

Februar 2015

Nach über zweijähriger Netzanschlussverzögerung werden die ersten Anlagen ans Netz angeschlossen und in Betrieb genommen.

Juli 2015

Alle 40 Anlagen sind aufgeschaltet und der offizielle Regelbetrieb startet.