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Pioneers on the high seas

First Mover

As the first purely municipal wind farm in the North Sea, Trianel Wind Farm Borkum has done pioneering work. With innovative technology, new turbine performance classes and challenging logistics, the Trianel consortium has broken new ground. The offshore wind farm supplies annually around 200,000 households with green electricity and actively contributes to reducing CO2 emissions. 

The participating municipal utilities, investors and Trianel are thus taking responsibility for achieving the climate targets and contributing to the success of energy transformation.

200 MW rotate in the North Sea

The Technology

The Trianel Wind Farm Borkum started commercial operation in September 2015. 40 wind turbines, each with 5 MW, stand firmly on so-called tripods on the seabed. With the wind farm off Borkum, Trianel paved the way for the industrialisation of offshore technology, at that time still uncharted territory. The so-called large bubble curtain, for example, has set new standards in noise reduction.

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“Socket” of the wind farm

The Substation

The Trianel Wind Farm Borkum has its own substation, which is operated by Infrastruktur Windkraftwerk Borkum GmbH & Co. KG (IWB). That is where the green electricity flows together, is transformed and via a converter station fed into the grid of the transmission system operator TenneT. Via a 75 km long submarine cable, electricity from TWB I reaches land, where it can supply 200,000 households with climate-friendly electricity.

The special feature: The substation is also the heart of the sister wind farm Trianel Wind Farm Borkum II.

How the challenges on the high seas were mastered


In 2008, the shareholders decided: We dare to take the step out to sea! In just 11 months, the first purely municipal offshore wind farm was built in the North Sea. This involved a steep learning curve, as it became clear that construction was much more demanding than expected. A logistical masterpiece was accomplished on the high seas.

Protection of marine fauna and flora – We create new habitats

Environmental Protection

It goes without saying that environmental protection and nature conservation are top priorities when building and operating an offshore wind farm. We do this not only because we are legally obliged to do so, but because we want to contribute actively to species protection. In the meantime, it has turned out that offshore wind farms have a positive effect on fauna and flora, as well as on biodiversity in the sea.

Participating Municipal Utilities & Shareholders

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