200 megawatts installed in the North Sea off Borkum

First municipal utilities offshore wind farm standing tall


Aachen. “All 40 wind turbines of the first municipal offshore wind farm some 45 kilometres off Borkum have been installed,” reports Klaus Horstick, Managing Director of Trianel Windkraftwerk Borkum GmbH & Co. KG, marking the successful completion of the first phase of construction of the Trianel wind farm Borkum. On 1 June 2014, all 40 Areva Wind M5000-116 model wind turbines were declared up and running, generating a total power output of 200 megawatts, in just under eleven months. “All that remains now is for the DolWin alpha transformer platform to commence testing and for network operator TenneT to put the turbines online,” explains Mr Horstick. Despite repeated delays, Trianel still expects the turbines to be connected to the power grid this summer. From then, the first electricity generated by the wind farm will be fed into the grid and test operation will commence.

“The Trianel wind farm Borkum is the first offshore wind farm to have been established under the direction of Trianel with the exclusive involvement of municipal utilities and regional energy suppliers,” stresses Mr Horstick. The project has enabled partners to contribute actively to a “greener” energy mix, to reduce CO2 emissions and henceforth to supply customers with clean power from their own facilities. Power generated by the 40 turbines can supply around 200,000 households.

From launch of the project company in June 2008, traversing various preliminary planning stages through to start of construction and the now successful completion of the initial stage, the offshore industry has experienced a steep learning curve. Operating on the open sea and at depths of up to 30 metres, weather conditions and the many delays encountered connecting to the grid ultimately meant the project’s course had to be continuously adjusted and optimised. Delayed progress during installation due to adverse weather in the autumn and winter months was made up for in the spring. Where conditions were ideal, an installation time of two days was needed per wind turbine. Between mid-December 2013 and mid-January 2014, however, weather conditions permitted the installation of just two turbines. With the successful completion of the first stage of expansion, over one billion euros have been invested. Infrastructure costs for the second expansion phase, comprising a further 40 turbines generating a total of 200 megawatts, are already included in this figure.

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