By its very nature, wind energy exploitation is a clean affair. When it is completed, the Trianel Windpark Borkum will lead to a reduction of CO2 emissions of about 1.6 million tonnes and will thus make an important contribution to achieving climate protection targets.

Respecting nature

As part of the approval procedure, the potential impact of the 80 planned offshore wind turbines on the ocean environment was extensively investigated. Part of the investigation focused on any potential threat to marine mammals, such as the porpoise, to fish and benthos (very small seabed creatures), to seabirds as well as the effect on the seabed. With the approval of the wind farm it was confirmed that the project does not present any threat.

However, as the construction of offshore wind farms is nevertheless an intrusion into the marine habitat, scientific research has been taking place since 2002. There have also been a number of conferences on the subject and there is a dedicated research programme, RAVE, covering the first German test wind farm.

The Federal Agency for Nature Conservation (BfN) maintains a comprehensive collection of links and current map material. You will also find further information on the approval authority’s (BSH) web pages.

An extremely positive ecological footprint

this is what has been achieved with these offshore wind turbines. Over their lifetime they will generate up to 70 times the amount of energy needed for their manufacture, operation and disposal. Thanks to this excellent energy efficiency, the payback period of our wind turbines is also relatively short!

There is also the fact that the materials used are very suitable for recycling. Nearly 100% of the material used in these offshore wind turbines can be recycled. For an average service life of 25 years this is a very positive ecological balance, which can never be achieved by conventional power stations as these require a constant input of raw materials.


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