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12. Environment

Respecting nature As part of the approval procedure, the potential impact of the 80 planned offshore wind turbines on the ocean environment was extensively investigated. Part of the investigation focused on any potential threat to marine mammals,...

13. Noise prevention (bubble curtain)

Further information www.hydroschall.de "Development of Noise Mitigation Measures in Offshore Wind Farm Construction 2013" Noise prevention (bubble curtain) During the construction of wind farms, so-called tripods need to be pile-driven...

14. Homepage

Trianel wind farm Borkum over EUR 1 billion | 200 megawatt output | 40 wind turbines The Trianel wind farm Borkum makes an important contribution to climate protection and to the development of advanced wind energy generation on the open sea. In...

15. Converter platform

One converter platform – two wind farms. The effective and successful logistics concept optimises the generation of energy and reduces costs. The platform which is integrated in the wind farm is operated by the Infrastruktur Windkraftwerk Borkum...

16. Facts and figures

Facts and Figures Location Location Southern part of German Bight, North Sea Geographic location Approx. 35 km north of the island of Borkum and approx. 44 km to the northwest of the osland Juist, wihtin the Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ). Water...

17. Offshore wind industry generates jobs

Offshore wind industry generates jobs In accordance with the 2008 “Leitstudie 2050” by the Federal Ministry for the Environment, it would be possible to cover 50% of the German demand for electricity from renewable sources as early as 2030. One...

18. Trianel’s Borkum wind farm

Trianel Windpark Borkum Chronology September 2015 Commissioning and normal operation was established. 1 June 2014 The 40th turbine is installed - Trianel wind farm Borkum's first stage is completed. March 2014 At the end of winter, 25...

19. Environmental compatibility

Further information Umweltbericht zum Raumordnungsplan für die deutsche ausschließliche Wirtschaftszone (AWZ) - Teil Nordsee (only in German) Accompanying ecological research „alpha ventus” Environmental compatibility The Trianel Windpark...
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