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Location of the Trianel wind farm

The Trianel wind farm Borkum is located about 45 kilometres off the island of Borkum and about 44 kilometres to the northwest of the island of Juist occupying an area of about 56 km2, with water depths of between 25 and 35 metres. The Alpha Ventus offshore test farm is located in its vicinity.

Location of the wind farm on Google Maps

Location of the wind farm on Google Earth

Opening this KMZ file will show the Trianel wind farm Borkum in Google Earth.
Offshore Windkraftwerk Borkum (KMZ, 13KB)

Embedding the following KML file makes it possible to show worldwide shipping traffic in Google Earth in real time, and hence to observe ship movements around the Trianel wind farm Borkum. 
Global Marine Traffic (KML, 1.1KB)

Wind farm coordinates

The corner coordinates of the wind farm site (geographic WGS-84 reference system):

  • 54°05’15,20’’ N 6°24’56,00’’ O
  • 54°05’20,10’’ N 6°31’28,41’’ O
  • 54°04’16,75’’ N 6°31’32,09’’ O
  • 54°03’12,78’’ N 6°30’46,10’’ O
  • 54°01’53,12’’ N 6°29’16,15’’ O
  • 54°00’00,10’’ N 6°29’22,45’’ O
  • 54°00’00,10’’ N 6°25’14,35’’ O.

Other maps

Other detailed maps, which have also been used as a basis for the approval procedure of offshore installations, have been in existence since 1999. In these maps, areas are shown with all types of ocean usage.

The geological data of the planned usage and protected areas can be found in the so-called Continental Self Information System (CONTIS).