Converter platform


One converter platform – two wind farms. The effective and successful logistics concept optimises the generation of energy and reduces costs. The platform which is integrated in the wind farm is operated by the Infrastruktur Windkraftwerk Borkum GmbH & Co. KG (IWB).



Coping with daily issues

As operator IWB aims to keep upright the availability of the inner-park converter platform in order to assure the transformation and feed-in of the electricity produced at the offshore wind farm. The organisation involves various domains which deal with issues of permission, management and commercial operation management. Apart from daily tasks like technical maintenance and servicing of the distribution station it is routine to monitor governmental regulations and requirements of employment and environment protection. Thus, it is not only important to assure the capacities of technical components and their functionality, but also to follow a structure which covers the responsibilities of the operator and reassures short-term and long-term security of the investment. It is necessary to control, analyse and document all activities concerning the wind farm.

Heart of the wind farm

The converter station is constructed with a total output of 400 MW to cover both stages of expansion. In the first phase it already realises electricity with a capacity of 200 MW for 40 wind turbines of the type „AD5-116“. Designed to achieve ideal adjustment of distribution station, wind farm and cabling, the wind farm is prepared to fulfil requirements of grid conformity to feed-in the generated electricity into the public power grid. For that purpose, the converter station is built on a „Jacket“construction where the upper part is called „Topside“. The Topside can be reached via two boat landings which are attached to the Jacket or via the helicopter landing deck. In order to transfer the energy with the help of an export cable to the converter station DolWin alpha, the converter station transforms the generated voltage from 33 kV to 155 kV. In the context of expanding the wind farm in the second phase, the link to another export cable is planned.